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The Edge of Beverage

From Brand Owners to Brand Partners

DrinkPAK is the premiere next-generation contract manufacturer of alcoholic and non-alcoholic canned beverages, providing full-service support for procurement, batching, processing, filling, packaging, warehousing, and distribution. Founded in 2020,  DrinkPAK is focused on revolutionizing beverage manufacturing by offering extreme capacity and format flexibility through cutting-edge technology and a commitment to the best talent in the industry.


The three founders, Nate Patena (CEO), Jon Ballas (President), and Ben Rush (CTO), created DrinkPAK to be a truly brand-centric manufacturer, built upon their years of experience in building, developing, and selling two of the highest growth beverage brands of the last decade.  DrinkPAK's commitment to capacityflexibility, and technology was born out of the battle scars the founders experienced working with traditional beverage contract manufacturers.

Despite facing industrywide challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, DrinkPAK built and commissioned its first facility in less than a year. Now, with more than 1.4 million sq. ft. of production and warehousing space in Santa Clarita (Los Angeles County), California, DP1 is the largest canned beverage contract manufacturing facility in the United States with the fastest lines in the world, capable of producing more than 2 billion cans per year. The company looks forward to expanding in Texas in 2024. 

First can with founders

From left to right: Jon Ballas, President; Ben Rush, CTO; and Nate Patena, CEO, with DrinkPAK's first cans.


DrinkPAK's CEO, Nate Patena, is an Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2023 Greater Los Angeles Award winner. As the world’s most prestigious business award for entrepreneurs, Entrepreneur Of The Year has been recognizing ambitious business leaders for more than 35 years.

Our Locations

Our Locations


Los Angeles, CA

(High Acid)

1.2 Million Sq. Ft.

4 High-Speed Production Lines

Automated Variety Repacking Line

Alcohol, Non-Alcoholic & Water Beverages


(High Acid)

1.5 Million Sq. Ft. 

5 High-Speed Production Lines

Automated Variety Repacking Line

Alcohol, Non-Alcoholic & Water Beverages

Coming 2024



(Low Acid)

1.1 Million Sq. Ft. 

3 High-Speed Production Lines

Milk and Alt. Milk Based Beverages

Variety Repacking

Coming 2024


map of us with a pin in LA and Forth Worth
employee with kids in our plant

Committed to Community

DrinkPAK is committed to inspiring future leaders in STEM and entrepreneurship. DrinkPAK welcomes community tours for educators and students allowing a behind-the-scenes look at robotics, automation, and the incredible speed of the facilities. 

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